Crafting Unique Textiles: Our Design Journey

Crafting Unique Textiles: Our Design Journey

You’ve probably noticed that some of our styles feature beautiful custom floral prints. Our designer, Alexandria, aims to create at least two hand-painted floral prints per collection, and she's hoping to add even more in the future.

One standout piece is the Natalia Red Collared Dress from our Indigo & Sand collection. This dress is a striking fit-and-flare mini dress, made from a blend of tencel and linen fibers, featuring a bold red color.

Red Collared Foral Print Dress

But this isn't just any red dress. Look closer and you’ll spot a delicate leaf print dancing across the fabric. This playful pattern adds charm to every part of the dress, from the collar accents to the thoughtful details on the tie waist. The Natalia Red Collared Dress truly is a wearable piece of art.


Elena Red Collared Dress Detail

So, how are FLORA’s custom prints created?

Alexandria begins by gathering leaves or flowers that spark her creativity. For this dress, she was inspired by a unique leaf found near our Charlotte studio.

She starts with a light sketch of the leaf, filling it in with watercolors to bring it to life.

Watercolor leaf print

Next, she photographs the hand-painted leaf and uploads the image to her computer, where the digital magic happens.

Inspired by the indigo touches in our Elena Floral Printed Cami, Alexandria decided to transform the green leaf into a striking indigo-purple hue.

She then paired this image with a vibrant cherry red, one of her favorite unexpected color combinations.

Using digital tools, Alexandria manipulates the image to create a seamless, continuous print. This process involves techniques like mirroring the image and other technical steps we won’t bore you with!

Red Collared Mini Dress

After many hours of work and lots of love, the Natalia Red Collared Dress print was born.

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