Collection: Mini Summer Dresses

At FLORA by Alexandria, we offer a gorgeous, mindfully designed collection of short summer dresses. Wear with flats, or your go-to heels and embrace the femininity of our short summer dresses. 

Short summer dresses are iconic pieces of clothing in every woman’s wardrobe. A short sundress can be the perfect fallback option whenever you are struggling to put an ensemble together. Accessorize it properly, and it can even become the centerpiece of your summer wardrobe.

Check out our short summer dresses and snag some essential additions to your wardrobe!

What Should You Look for in a Summer Dress?

Putting together a summer ensemble can be more challenging than assembling your typical outfit. The challenge mainly stems from needing to dress for comfort and fashion. You need an outfit that remains comfortable while you are out on a summer day, but it should not compromise your sense of style either.

Summer dresses are popular because you can be comfortable and stylish. With the right sundress in your wardrobe, you do not need to worry about creating a summer ensemble that makes sense. You have the most essential piece already. All you need to do at that point is round out your look.

Still, picking the right dress can be tricky. What qualities should you prioritize in a summer dress? We have some suggestions for you to consider.

Thoughtful Material Composition

Material is always a critical consideration for any dress, but it takes on even more importance when evaluating short summer dresses specifically. After all, the material will play a huge role in determining how comfortable a particular article of clothing is. Settle for the wrong type of material, and you could have a dress you barely use.

So, what material would be best for your sundresses? The best fabrics for your sundresses feature both silk and viscose.

Beginning with silk, you want that material in your summer dresses because it is highly breathable. Silk never feels stuffy. That lightweight fabric can help you stay comfortable even if you plan to spend most of your day outside.

Silk is also a desirable material because of how well it regulates temperature. It promotes air circulation with its smooth texture and lightweight nature. You will always feel fresh while wearing your silk summer dress.

The other material you want to see in your short summer dresses is viscose. Viscose is not as widely known as silk, but it remains a terrific addition to summer dresses, nonetheless.

For those unfamiliar with viscose, it is a rayon fabric made from wood pulp prized for its breathability and moisture-wicking capabilities. Moisture-wicking matters because you do not want your clothes clinging to your body or presenting sweat stains. You do not need to worry about those things while wearing your viscose summer dress.

Wear one of our summer dresses to experience the luxurious combination of silk and viscose. Once you experience the unique brand of comfort that material composition provides, you will wonder why you ever wore anything else.

Beautiful Floral Patterns

When we cannot figure out what to wear, we often default to plain clothes that lack any personality. Those clothing options prevent you from standing out, but is that what you want? Are you okay with playing it safe with your clothing during the summer season?

Summer is all about having fun and being bold. With that in mind, we recommend choosing floral dresses.

Floral dresses are at their best during the summer because the sunny weather accentuates those patterns. The patterns and colors come to life to create a dazzling article of clothing.

Those floral patterns also imbue clothing with a freshness that you cannot get from other designs. They pair exceptionally well with the unique flow that summer dresses typically feature.

At FLORA by Alexandria, our goal is to make high-quality floral clothing more easily accessible to women everywhere. Aside from being beautiful, we feature those floral patterns more prominently because they also carry a distinctively uplifting quality.

Add a floral sundress to your wardrobe and ensure that you are ready for the coming summer days.

Compatibility With Various Accessories

A beautiful summer dress can stand out by itself. However, the ideal dress should not be a one-trick pony. It should be versatile for various events without appearing out of place. Certain accessories can accentuate specific qualities of a well-designed summer dress, so it fits into more settings.

The importance of acquiring a summer dress that works well with various accessories should not be overlooked. That is exactly what we offer here at FLORA by Alexandria. Our short summer dresses are compatible with all kinds of accessories.

Are you attending a nighttime summer party with your friends? If so, layering your summer dress with our Rosalie Blazer is highly recommended. The Rosalie Blazer allows you to stay warm, and its floral patterns blend seamlessly with your dress. The lightweight fabric also allows it to remain comfortable as an additional layer.

Apart from the Rosalie Blazer, there are other accessories you can pair with mini summer dresses. Wide-brimmed hats add another summery element to your ensemble. Straw hats, in particular, are iconic summer accessories.

Completing your summer look with sunglasses is also a fantastic idea. Sunglasses can add a bold dimension to your summer outfit. They also keep your eyes protected whenever you are spending time outside.

Browse our collection of floral dresses and find items that pair exceptionally well with quintessential summer accessories.

Offering Only the Best Summer Dresses

Women should always have a short summer dress in their closet. Snag the best summer dresses for your collection by shopping exclusively at FLORA by Alexandria. Our floral dresses can brighten your collection. Pick up your favorites today and get ready for the best summer ever!