Collection: Casual Pants & Floral Shorts

Explore our exquisite array of finely tailored casual pants and floral shorts, artfully curated to seamlessly complement coordinating tops. Our casual pants and shorts, crafted from natural fibers, offer unparalleled breathability and comfort, ideal for basking in warmer climates.

What Are the Qualities You Need in Women’s Pants and Shorts?

Options are plentiful if you are looking for casual pants and shorts, but you cannot settle for any old pair. If you want to get the most out of your purchases, you must be certain they feature key qualities. Let’s use this opportunity to discuss those essential qualities so you can identify the cute bottoms that belong in your wardrobe.

Relaxed Fit

The fit of a pair of pants or shorts isn't solely determined by choosing the right size. In some cases, even casual pants and shorts that match your size can prove uncomfortable. Those bottoms likely feel uncomfortable because they are constructed with a poorly designed fit.

Even if the waist of the pants or shorts fits well, they might still feel tight around your thighs or legs, leading to them riding up. Avoid settling for bottoms with this uncomfortable fit.

To ensure your new pants or shorts fit you properly, you should first check if they feature a relaxed fit. Pants and shorts that feature a relaxed fit have extra room. More specifically, they should have additional room around the hips, thighs, and the seat.

Note that the extra space added to those spots should not make the pants and shorts feel baggy. They should remain fairly close to your body while you are wearing them. Relaxed-fit pants and shorts should keep you comfortable without significantly impacting your appearance. Check out our Catalina Linen Pants if you are looking for cute bottoms with a relaxed fit.

Prominent Pleats

Shorts do not belong in all social settings, but they do not need to be limited to the most casual get-togethers. You may still be able to wear shorts for certain work functions and events if they have specific features. The features in question are pleats.

Pleats are great additions because they give them a more refined look. Those pleats help clothes look neater and also add more definition. In terms of styling, shorts that have pleats feature greater versatility.

It is common to see pleats on pants, but the shorts that feature them are harder to find. We at Flora by Alexandria can help if you are looking for shorts with pleats. Purchase our Khatie Linen Shorts or Rosalie Floral Shorts and snag new pairs that you can wear for more occasions.

Compatibility With Different Types of Footwear

Collecting shoes can be a highly enjoyable hobby. Simply marveling at their distinctive designs can already be a delightful experience. Finding the right pairs can also be a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, not all pairs of casual pants match well with varied types of footwear. They may be designed in such a way that they only create beautiful pairings with flats, heels, or pumps. Even if you like those pants, they can be limiting. You may not be able to wear the shoes or sandals you always want because of your pants.

So, how can you find casual pants that are compatible with more shoes? The secret is to choose the right length for your pants. Choose pants that hang high enough above your feet to showcase your shoes completely. Do not allow ill-fitting pants to obscure your great taste in footwear.

Easy Matching Capabilities

Finding new pants or shorts that match well with your style and sensibilities can be exciting. Now that you have found those new articles of clothing, you can explore more outfit possibilities. Or at least, they are supposed to open those new doors. There is still a chance that your new pants and shorts may not do that.

Before you purchase new pants and shorts, you should make sure they can easily match your tops. Examine their styling to determine if they are easy to pair with other articles of clothing.

Typically, bottoms already designed to be paired with tops are great for matching. They still look great even if you pair them with other items in your wardrobe. Make it easier to create beautiful outfit matches by starting with cute and versatile bottoms.

Bold Designs

When it comes to styling, many of us focus more on what our tops look like. We want them to be the right color, fit, and styling elements to complement your appearance. However, at Flora by Alexandria, we believe pants and shorts can contribute to your overall look if you allow them to do so. Peruse our collection of bottoms and enjoy their bold designs.

The floral patterns can instantly add more color and life to your ensemble. They can also introduce design elements that enhance your tops even further.

Linen Composition

Finally, you should look for women’s pants and shorts made from linen if you are more focused on comfort. Linen is an excellent material for pants and shorts because it is breathable yet durable. Regardless of the weather outside, you can stay comfortable because of your linen pants or shorts.

Add New Casual Pants and Floral Shorts to Your Wardrobe

Check out the pants and shorts we have at Flora by Alexandria and grab new items you will enjoy wearing all the time. Improve your wardrobe with their comfort-focused features and unique styling.