Collection: Tops & Tanks

Let's talk chic, casual floral tops. Shop our collection of floral camisoles, tanks, and tops, perfect for the floral print enthusiast. Each piece is uniquely designed with simple, classic cuts for easy pairing and mix-and-matching.

Effortless Elegance: Casual Tops, Linen Tanks, and Floral Camisoles by Flora by Alexandria

At Flora by Alexandria, we pride ourselves on redefining elegance in everyday wear, seamlessly blending sophistication with comfort. Our collection features versatile linen tanks and luxurious silk camisoles adorned with custom floral prints, each meticulously crafted to elevate your wardrobe effortlessly.

The Versatility of Silk Camisoles: Silk Viscose Blend

At the heart of our collection are our silk camisoles—a must-have for every modern wardrobe. Crafted from a silk viscose blend, these camisoles offer the luxurious feel of silk without the premium price tag. Wondering about viscose fabric? Also known as rayon, it's a semi-synthetic fiber derived from natural sources like wood pulp or bamboo. Its silky appearance and texture make it an ideal partner for silk, enhancing both durability and affordability.

Custom Printed Floral Camisoles: A Touch of Personalization

A hallmark of our camisole collection is our custom-printed designs. Each floral motif is carefully curated and some, like the Cecilia Floral Cami, are hand-painted by Alexandria herself. This ensures that every camisole tells a unique story of nature's beauty. Whether it's delicate blooms or vibrant botanicals, these prints add a touch of personalization and artistry to your wardrobe, setting you apart with every wear.

Styling Beyond Expectations: Camisoles Under Blazers and Blazer Vests

Our camisoles aren't just for standalone wear—they excel in versatility. Picture pairing our Elena Blazer Vest or the structured Khatie Blazer with a floral camisole—it's a match made in sartorial heaven. The contrast of feminine silk camisoles against tailored blazers creates a harmonious blend of sophistication and casual elegance. This combination effortlessly transitions from day to night, offering a polished look suitable for both professional settings and social occasions.

Embracing Linen Tanks: Casual Comfort with a Touch of Luxury

For relaxed moments, our linen tanks embody laid-back luxury. Linen, celebrated for its breathability and timeless appeal, adds a casual yet refined element to your wardrobe. Whether worn solo on sunny days or layered under a blazer for a smart-casual ensemble, Flora by Alexandria's linen tanks exude effortless charm and comfort.

Conclusion: Redefining Everyday Elegance with Flora by Alexandria

In essence, our collection of casual tops, linen tanks, and floral camisoles transcends mere clothing—it embodies a lifestyle of effortless elegance. From the silk-like feel of our viscose blends to the intricate custom prints and the versatility of layering under blazers, each piece is designed to empower you with confidence and style. Whether you're looking for a statement piece or a wardrobe staple, Flora by Alexandria ensures that every garment speaks volumes about your impeccable taste and appreciation for quality craftsmanship.

Elevate your everyday attire with Flora by Alexandria's casual tops and camisoles—where comfort meets luxury in perfect harmony.