Collection: Casual Tops & Tanks

Flora by Alexandria designs a curated selection of casual tops, providing chic pieces for crafting go-to outfits. The collection includes cute summer tops and versatile two-piece sets for easy mix-and-match pairings.

Why should you choose Flora by Alexandria’s casual and floral tank tops over similar options available today? Allow us to make the case for these uniquely stylish tops. Continue below to learn more and discover why they belong in your closet rotation.

The Defining Qualities of Our Casual Tops

Having wardrobe options is always a plus. When you are not confined to using a few specific pieces, you can start experimenting and come up with your best looks. That type of freedom can bring out the true fashionista in you.

Of course, the availability of several clothing options also has some downsides. More specifically, identifying the pieces that suit you best becomes more challenging when you have so many options available. 

That is not the case with the women’s casual tops offered at Flora by Alexandria. We have taken great care to include signature touches in our tops that turn them into special pieces. Use this opportunity to learn more about those defining qualities, and you will soon understand how our casual tops can enhance your collection.

Linen Fabric Composition

Browse our collection of casual tops and see that they are all made using 100% linen fabric.

Linen fabric has been around for a long time. According to Sewport, evidence suggests that some form of linen fabric has existed for at least 36,000 years. The evidence from that time indicates that people in Europe used the material. Eventually, the fabric also made its way to Egypt and Mesopotamia and enjoyed greater popularity.

To understand why linen fabric has existed for so long, we must look at its characteristics. It makes sense that linen became hugely popular in Egypt and Mesopotamia because it is one of the most breathable fabrics. The breathability linen provides is welcome if you live somewhere with consistently warm weather. You will also benefit from wearing linen fabric during the summer.

Although breathability is the standout quality of linen fabric, there is more to like about it beyond that.

You may also appreciate its moisture-wicking capabilities. Feel confident in our casual tops, as there's no need to concern yourself with over perspiration.

This particular fabric also features remarkable strength. You can wear it often during the summer without wearing it out. Expect it to become a fixture in your closet for many years to come.

In many ways, linen is the ideal fabric for summer clothing. Enjoy the full benefits of wearing it when you style our casual tops!

Scooped Neckline

Another feature we have included in our summer tops is a scooped neckline. The inclusion of the scooped neckline is a decision inspired by our desire to make our casual tops and floral shirts more compatible with various body types.

According to Nordstrom, scooped necklines can be flattering for everyone. No matter your figure, you can expect that neckline to accentuate it.

The scooped neckline is also a key design element that allows you to rock more summer looks. You can feature a simple look by keeping your neckline bare. Alternatively, you can accessorize without going overboard, thanks to the simplicity the scooped neckline provides. If you feel like pairing the Khatie Blazer with your summer top, the combination makes sense because the scooped neckline promotes breathability and elegance.

Your clothes should work for you rather than the other way around. That is a big part of why we feature the scooped neckline in our casual tops. Take full advantage of the versatility it provides to create effortless style.

Fun, Feminine Design

We believe that fashion should be fun. In the end, fashion revolves around crafting stunning looks, and achieving that depends on the pieces you have at your disposal. We aim to simplify that process for our customers by including elements in our clothing that emphasize fun and femininity.

Bright colors and bold patterns create fun clothing. You will see those elements prominently featured in our floral tank tops. The distinctive elements of those tops match perfectly with the summer season. Use them to create the summer looks you have always wanted.

Are you in love with the gorgeous patterning of our floral tops? If so, you can showcase their beauty even more by getting the right complementary pieces. Pick up the Rosalie Floral Shorts and Rosalie Floral Blazer and pair them with your flowery top to create the ultimate summer look!

Floral patterns are not the only fun design elements we like integrating into our collections at Flora by Alexandria. We also include design elements in our casual tops imbued with a distinctly feminine quality.

One such element is a tie closure included in our Catalina Top. The tie closure adds a much-needed touch of playfulness to our Catalina Top that separates it from others. It introduces a new design dimension that opens up more styling possibilities.

The loose draping along the waist in some of our tops is also a design choice. By including that loose draping, you can feel confident about how the top suits your figure.

The Best Casual Tops for Your Summer Outings

Summer can be a tough season for staying fashionable because you are also mindful of how breathable your ensembles will be. Composing stylish yet comfortable outfits becomes simpler with our collection of casual tops. Select your favorite tops from our collection and prepare for the best summer yet.