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It's time to make room in your closet for a new floral blazer. Flowery blazers are among our favorite styles at Flora by Alexandria. Distinguished by their exquisite shell buttons and exclusive floral prints, our floral blazers can help create a refreshed, statement wardrobe.

Versatility truly is the hallmark of women’s blazers. You will find that the same pieces can work as formal and casual blazers if you make other changes to your look. Learn more about the versatility and distinctive styling a blazer can provide below.

Floral Blazers for Every Occasion

No woman’s closet would be complete without a blazer. It can be the perfect complement for many of the looks you are trying to achieve, and it works in any setting.

When most people think of blazers, they probably picture wearing them in office settings. You can pair your blazer with jeans and create a look that seamlessly blends into any casual office environment. Showcase various looks by matching different blouses with your blazers. Blazers certainly belong in that setting, but they are not limited to it.

Wearing a blazer is still an option if you are attending a formal workplace event. Lean into the formal appearance of your blazer by pairing it with some tailored trousers and a stylish clutch bag.

You can also wear a blazer during a day out on the town. Pair your new blazer with our Khatie Tank and Khatie Shorts to create a bright, breezy look that is perfect for a summer party. Do not worry about your blazer making you uncomfortable. Many blazers available today can keep you cool even amidst sunny weather.

The versatility of blazers deserves more love. Once you add them to your wardrobe, you will be amazed by how many uses you can get from them. Check out the blazers we offer at Flora by Alexandria and secure the versatile pieces that can complete your unique vibe.

The Top Qualities of Flora by Alexandria Blazers

Women’s blazers are easier than ever to find. They are available in almost every clothing store and often come in numerous styles. Still, investing in a high-quality blazer sold by a specialty store is well worth your money.

Here at Flora by Alexandria, our blazers feature qualities that set them apart. Learn more about their standout qualities and understand why they belong in your wardrobe.

Comfort-Focused Material Composition

We have talked a lot about the versatility of blazers so far in this article, but it is worth noting that the quality is not inherent to all of those jackets. You can use a blazer for various applications if it features a similarly adaptable material composition, so we only use the finest materials.

The bulk of our blazers are linen fabric. Linen fabric excels at maintaining breathability and keeping moisture away from your skin. Even if you spend a long day under the sun, you can expect your Flora by Alexandria blazer to keep you cool and comfortable. The cooling qualities of linen fabric are second to none, and we made a point of including them in our products.

Aside from using linen fabric, we also integrate viscose fabric into our blazers. We specifically use viscose fabric for the lining. According to Sewport, viscose is a semi-synthetic fabric that also makes clothing more breathable. When we combine the viscose lining with the linen in your blazer, the result is a garment that can keep you comfortable in any environment.

Lightweight Construction

Layering is a common styling approach people use to create more intriguing looks. When you discover that perfect pairing of blouse and jacket, it feels like you have a clothing combination you can now wear anywhere.

Of course, layering will only work if you have the necessary articles of clothing. If you are planning to use a blazer for layering purposes, you will need a lightweight variant. We offer lightweight blazers here at Flora by Alexandria.

You can wear them over your blouse or shirt without appearing too bulky. Embrace the latest trends and opt for a larger size to achieve a more oversized blazer appearance.

As discussed in the previous section, our blazers are made from linen fabric and viscose lining. When you combine those breathable fabrics with a lightweight design, you get a blazer that you can use everywhere.

Bright, Floral Designs

Floral designs are signature elements of the clothing we offer at Flora by Alexandria. You will see beautiful prints in many of our pieces. If you are looking for a floral print blazer, we also have you covered.

Why have we made a point of integrating floral patterns into our blazers? Simply put, we believe women need more floral print choices in clothing. If you are craving some personality in your wardrobe, a floral blazer could be exactly what you need.

Our Rosalie Floral Blazer presents bold and bright patterns that embody the essence of summer. It is the perfect complement to your summer ensemble. The Khatie Blazer features a surprise. Colorful, floral patterning lines the inside of this blazer, creating a striking contrast you have not seen before.

Shell Buttons

Last but not least, the blazers we offer at Flora by Alexandria also come with shell buttons. Those shell buttons are great additions because they add a shiny element to the blazer.

According to Cashmirino, all shell buttons feature unique designs because of the way they are made. When you get a Flora by Alexandria floral print blazer, you can truly say you are wearing an article of clothing unlike any other.

The Finest and Most Versatile Blazers

Enjoy the style and comfort advantages that only blazers can provide by shopping with us at Flora by Alexandria. Select your new blazers from our collection and pair them with our tops to create a unique ensemble.